What is McTrading Lounge, LLC?

It's a community.

When it came to connecting with other active traders in our community the only thing we could find were webinars.  That wasn't enough.  We wanted to connect with other traders in our local community who we could fellowship with  live and in living color.

So, what do you do when you can't find what you're looking for?  You create it yourself.  And that's what we did.

McTrading lounge is about community, providing that relaxed yet focused lounge type environment where novice traders can get good, solid training and active traders can have a place of their own in a chill environment.

This is a community of successful and thriving day traders.  We envision our students as confident traders, enjoying wealth & income from the stock market for years to come.  Confidence, mastery and growth, that's what we get to instill upon all our clients. 


Brian McPherson/Master Day Trader/Founder


Master B is not only passionate about teaching others to be successful in the stock market, he walks the talk too! For over ten years Brian has been trading commodity, index and currency futures. He is continuously striving for growth and success in his own trading. 

His motto "always be learning" and his trading motto "always be adding to your principle, no matter the size". He believes providing value & top-level customer service to his students.


Having worked at companies like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Salomon Brothers trading the stock market is a natural fit and perfect for the type of experienced teacher you want.

Together with his partner Monique (The Empress Day Trader) they are paving the way and opening new possibilities for aspiring day traders. Their training programs are designed to be simple, straightforward and hands-on.  


Monique McPherson/The Empress Day Trader/Market Coach


As a day trader for over ten years Monique has experienced the ebb and flow of being a day trader. Monique is an active day trader who has learned the key elements to consistent profit income. Having been a professional life coach for over 15 years and her knowledge of the market; any client would be well pleased with the results of coaching with her.


Monique is no stranger to the stock market as she has worked at Merrill Lynch on wall street straight out of high school for over four years in the operations department. In fact; she grew up in the brokerage business with her mom being a retired executive assistant from Dean Witter, her dad being a retired V.P. from Merrill Lynch, and her two brothers having worked at Salomon Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley combined.


"The coaching sessions are built-in to the training program for each client. With this hands-on approach our clients receive personalized guidance every step of the way".

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