McTrading Lounge, LLC Academy of Master traders program.

The new trend is in in-person training where you get hands-on personalized coaching, mentoring and training.  With on location training you get to connect regularly with a community of thriving traders.    We focus on you, the trader and your ultimate success.  This is your business and setting it up for success in the beginning is our priority.

McTrading Lounge LLC membership:

  • Simple strategy that produces premium results.
  • Profit in any market with our simple back-to-basics strategy.
  • In-person training for traders looking for exclusive personalized training.
  • Build income to take care of your household, grow retirement wealth, travel, more time with family.
  • Dedicated personal coach.
  • Learn how to effectively trade commodity, currency and equity index futures.
  • Prerequisite?  Must be coachable & ready.
  • Manageable class size of 12 students.

The best in-person Futures training program.

Our masters program was brilliantly designed around simple trading techniques.  Trading does not have to be complicated to produce success.   One of the phenomenal benefits of our program is the dedicated coach that each trader receives.  Having a dedicated coach gives you the leverage in your success in the markets.

Intro to futures trading & technical analysis. 3-day workshop/Online. $3500



Next training online: Call for details.


Days: Friday/Saturday/Sunday                            

Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (EST)

Learn from  industry leaders with years of Futures trading.   3 days of Futures and technical analysis. .  If you're going to trade futures you need to know what it is, how it trades and how you benefit from trading it.  Futures products can be traded in commodities, indices, currencies, t-notes/bonds.  Learn position sizing,  timing in the market, strategy development,  leveraging and more.  You will learn the basics of reading price charts and price patterns in the market.

***Must download, read, sign and return client agreement and disclosure prior to making payment.

McTrading Lounge LLC 12-month full-immersion Mastery program. Online.


Call for pricing & details.

The ultimate full-immersion Futures trading course online & in-person.  This is a 3-day per week training.  Each day is a 2-hour training day.  The full-immersion course are for those traders who are aspiring to build a solid trading career as a full-time day trader.   We prepare you for a trading business.

*Step-by-step hands on approach. *Develop & follow a solid money management plan.  *Develop strong trading skills, gain aptitude in reading the market and psychological mastery. *Receive a dedicated coach (required) that you meet once per week.  *Weekly skills projects.  *Chart feedback and review, tracking worksheet, email support,  coaching & mentoring during your live trading

Market Personal Coach $250/hr


When you look at the results you've been achieving, are you happy with what you see?  Every great person who has achieved great success in their field has a coach.  Be unstoppable in your pursuit of greatness in your trading.  McTrading Lounge LLC coaching techniques have been a proven success with our clients.

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