Maureen M.


I’m Maureen, I was introduced to Master B about three years ago and I felt like I knew him forever.

Real humble guy, a gentle man, a guy with a passion to help others. In his teaching he makes sure you’ve got it, he’ll go over and over and call you out from the back of the class.

I call him the alchemist he’s always in the lab working on ways to make trading more simplified for us.

He will actually test out other programs to be able to teach us just what we need to know about trading.

He makes videos so we can watch over and over. There is absolutely no way you can’t learn something from Master Brian.

Love this guy!!

Tanya N.


Monique thank you so much for your teaching and providing this education for women. I am enjoying the profits I'm making and look forward to trading full-time. Your wisdom & knowledge of the stock market is amazing.

Atlanta, Georgia

Santana M.

Thank you Monique for your training.  It was fun and I learned a lot from you.  

Santana M.  12 years young

Sherman Oaks, California

Ted P.


Brian is a great instructor.  Takes it slow and one step at a time.  Listen and learn.


Valerie A.

Monique when I saw your website I was very impressed.  I am a stock trader and I am very excited about learning how to trade futures.  You are a very good teacher, thank you for your patience.  Today's session was really good. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Ismail Jones


Good Afternoon Master B

The wealth of knowledge you provided me with thus far would have taken me years to learn. The information I have received has put me in a position to move toward financial freedom. Even the methods and strategies taught are very easy to comprehend and digest. Most of all you are a very good listener and have an favorable amount of patience.

Thank you for all your help Master B!!!

Ismail Jones

Paul D.


I've been under the teaching strategy's of Brian McPherson for over 5yr's and let me tell you his approach to trading is simple, easy to understand and his money management abilities are uncanny!!!!! Furthermore, he is VERY patient with his students which is a must. His charts are straight forward and clean!!!!

Mayasia Y.

 I began Trading 5 months ago . I was at a place in my life where I felt financially frustrated . One day on Instagram I saw a friend of mine post a trading chart and she seemed really excited . I was very curious and asked what she was doing , how it worked and she referred me to Brian. I had no experience in trading , I wasn't knowledgeable about the market in anyway shape or form . But I was willing learn and he was more than willing to help me learn. From Day One Brian has been EXTREMELY PATIENT ! Incredibly knowledgeable,  and he makes the trading strategy so simple ! If I didn't understand he would review with me until I did. I'm truly grateful to have a mentor like Brian in my life. I've been able to create an additional stream of income for me and my daughter because of his help ! Thank you again Master B !  

Jennifer B.

Thank you Monique for the phenomenal seminar you provided for the ladies.  Your knowledge of the stock market is beyond what we could have ever expected.  All the ladies are excited about the possibilities and look forward to being in your course.

Jennifer B & Sherida

Atlanta, Georgia


I am so excited about what you and Brian are doing in sharing this knowledge.  I am learning a lot through your teaching and I'm watching my profits grow.  I'm gradually getting better and better at my trading.  Monique you are my shero!

Mary from Florida

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