Are you receiving the results you want in your trading?

No matter the market you're trading we can help you achieve the consistent results you're looking for. How long have you been trading? What frustrates you the most in your trading?

Are you over-complicating your trading? Are you thinking too much?

When I first started trading it was like trying to put together a thousand piece puzzle.  It was a maze.  I took course after course.   As I did that, the puzzle started coming together.  What I realized is that trading is really basic and boring, yet fun.  Once you know how to read a price chart you now have the foundation and can trade in any market.  The key is to not over complicate your trading.  

Whatever your trading goal, you can accomplish it.

We trade Futures (commodities, indices, currencies),  Forex and Binary Options on Nadex american exchange.  I trade these markets for the low margin requirements and leveraging opportunities. 

 I started coaching active traders after meeting many traders who were frustrated with the outcome of their trading.  With so many webinars introducing new strategies, many traders become overwhelmed and stuck.   I've been a professional life coach of over 17 years and have coached clients in areas of fitness, business development, project planning & organizing and trading.  I can teach you how to get past that plateau in your trading.

The Empress private mentorship


The Empress private mentorship allows you to flow at your own pace according to how you learn. 

Get trained privately and fine tune your trading results with personalized attention.  Accelerate your learning curve, ask questions that you may not feel comfortable asking in a group setting.  Focus your intention on your trading goals.

Training in-person or via webinar.

$250/per hour

 ***Must download, read, sign and return client agreement and disclosure prior to making payment. 

The Empress 4-month "Transform my trading" project.


Los Angeles project begins: 

November 15, 2019

Friday @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Every Friday for four months

Group workshop (six participants).

$595/mth (paid in two-month increments)

What you get:

Unlimited email support

Weekly projects

one private coaching session per month

What we do:

  • align new habits with your desired results
  • implement a compounding plan that works
  • re-evaluate your trading strategy
  • re-structure your trading plan to fit your trading style
  • align your entry & exit strategies to match your goals
  • Execute trades
  • And more...

Call to register. Tel. (678) 399 - 0425

Location:  312 Arizona Ave.

Los Angeles, California 90045

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